Dear Friends of RVC Blue Speaks

The past year, 2020, will be defined as one of the most difficult and challenging years of our lifetime. We all hope and pray for a return to a healthy and safe society when we can meet friends, see our families and enjoy galas.
   We are unable to gather this year to support the efforts of RVC Blue Speaks due to the COVID -19 virus. We are extremely saddened by the untimely passing of Joe Winters, the RVC Blue Speaks 2020 Honoree to this insidious virus.   

   Unfortunately, these days individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD, encounter challenges with more difficulty. RVC Blue Speaks 2021 goals are to raise $50,000 for Education, Scientific Research and Family support.  In previous years, we raised funds to support these and similar efforts at the LIGHT IT UP BLUE GALA, but we will not have that opportunity this year. We are asking for your help to continue supporting individuals with ASD with a gift to RVC Blue Speaks. Our mission to support the Seaver Autism Center for Research & Treatment at Mount Sinai, Autism Speaks, The Hagedorn Little Village School, RVC High School Scholarship Fund, Adelphi University Bridges Program and other organizations focused on helping individuals with ASD must continue. Please help with your contribution.

   On behalf of the RVC Blue Speaks Board of Trustee, we are grateful for your support and thank you.